Ends on July 8, 2019

Artists 360, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance made possible through the support of the Walton Family Foundation, provides grant funding and professional development opportunities to individual artists of all disciplines in the Arkansas counties of Benton, Carroll, Crawford, Sebastian, and Washington. Artists 360 is designed to elevate and energize greater Northwest Arkansas artists by providing them with: 

  • $7,500 grants to support creative projects
  • learning opportunities to develop entrepreneurship skills and build sustainable creative practices
  • connections to a dynamic regional artist network. 

The application deadline is Monday, July 8, 2019.  

Applicants will be notified by August 19, 2019. Applicants facing difficulties completing online submissions should contact artists360@maaa.org.  For more information on Artists 360, visit www.artists360.art

To be eligible for Artists 360, you must: 

Be a Practicing Artist. (For students, use the Student Artist Application.) Practicing Artist is defined as follows:

  • Have an active and current artistic practice
  • Have specialized training in the field (not limited to academic training)
  • Have demonstrated success in the arts through the creation of high quality work and/or contributions to the field
  • Are recognized as a practicing artist by peers (artists working in the same discipline and by experts in the field)

Create work in one or more of the following artistic disciplines:

  • Visual Arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fiber, film, screenwriting, video, media arts, photography, mixed media, wearable art)
  • Performing Arts (dance, theater, music, opera, puppetry, storytelling, playwriting, performance art)
  • Literary Arts (fiction, nonfiction, poetry)
  • Traditional Arts (work that is made based on artistic traditions shaped by values and standards of excellence that are passed from generation to generation through demonstration, conversation and practice – may include crafts, storytelling, dance, music, or functional art)

Be a resident of the State of Arkansas and have established residency in one of the following counties: Benton, Carroll, Crawford, Sebastian or Washington. (Artists 360 prefers applicants with at least one year of residency in the counties.)

Retain residency within the five-county region for the duration of the grant period (September 2019 through October 2020).

Must complete the online application form, answer the narrative questions, submit a resume/CV, digital work samples that support their proposed project, and a proof of residency document.

Be available for an Artists 360 retreat on October 4-6, 2019.

Be at least 18 years of age at time of application.

Must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have non-resident status. 

Artists 360 grants are designed to support projects in one of the following four categories:

Projects that involve the touring/presenting of your work within and outside of Arkansas. Examples include:

  • Performance of a play at a festival
  • Series of music performances/concerts
  • Book tour
  • Film screening as part of a film festival
  • Work featured in an art exhibition outside of Arkansas

(Successful Touring Project applicants will have a well-articulated project description and plan for touring, and how the project fits into their overall body of work.)

Projects that involve a specific phase of a work in progress that has a clear end goal. (Projects DO NOT need to have a public component.) Examples include:

  • Creation of a component of a visual art or public art installation, exhibition or body of work
  • Creation of any part of an album, including composing, recording, sound mixing, etc.
  • Creation of any part of a play including playwriting, rehearsals, staged readings, performances
  • Creation of any part of a dance including choreography, rehearsals, performances
  • Creation of any part of a film, web series, or electronic media project including editing, sound mixing, etc.

(Successful Works in Progress Project applicants will have a well-articulated project description, specifying the stage of the project the grant will support and how the project fits into their overall body of work.) 

Projects that focus on professional advancement and creative research opportunities that strengthen an artist’s expertise and advances their creative practice. Examples include:

  • Apprenticeships with masters of the artist’s own discipline
  • Residencies and workshops that lead to the development of a body of work
  • Research connected to the development of a work of art or creative exploration

(Successful Creative Research and Professional Advancement Project applicants will articulate the artistic strength, quality, and reputation of the proposed residency, workshop, laboratory, apprenticeship or research opportunity, and how the project fits into their overall body of work.)

Projects that activate Northwest Arkansas communities and address social issues, opportunities and challenges. Projects must focus on the creation and presentation of art and have a public component. Examples of projects include: 

  • Performances and visual art works that increase dialogue and civic discourse around local issues
  • Projects that recognize and engage specific neighborhoods
  • Projects that celebrate and preserve cultural traditions of underrepresented or marginalized groups
  • Placemaking projects that activate underutilized spaces with art and community participation for the benefit of the residents

 (Successful Social Practice Project applicants will have a well-articulated project description that includes clear outcomes; impact/benefit for the community being served, and how the project fits into their overall body of work.)

Each Artists 360 application should include: 

  • Completed online application form including project description and budget
  • Artist Resume/CV (maximum 3 pages)
  • Five artwork samples (images – 1MB max. per image, audio files, film files, or URLs to audio and film files)
  • Work Sample Summary (maximum 4 pages)
  • Proof of residence (Arkansas driver's license, bill from a bank, mortgage company, utility company, credit card company, doctor, or hospital, bank statement, property tax bill, current valid homeowner's renter's policy or motor vehicle insurance card or policy, current valid Arkansas motor vehicle registration, 2018 tax filing (IRS or state of Arkansas)


  • Artistry: Successful applicants will demonstrate artistic excellence, variously defined by the practitioners and norms in their discipline, and show a deep commitment to their work. Selected artists will be advanced in their practice (whether through higher education, apprenticeship, or studies with elders and leaders in their craft).
  • Program Readiness and Collegiality: Selected artists will have the desire to advance their career and deepen their practice, as well as an interest in sharing their work and process as part of a network of artists.
  • Balanced Cohort: Panelists will consider the overall balance of the group of grantees to ensure a broad representation of perspectives, disciplines, and experience levels.